Daily Mail and Mail Online

Vitriolic, right-wing hate trumpet. Packed full of Ts and Cs: articles full of tits masquerading as news, and Cs masquerading as journalists. (See also Katie Hopkins.)

The Daily Mail is famous for supporting British fascists and aborting foetuses based on their future sexual orientation (here).

The Mail is incredibly predictable:

  • Articles whose headlines contain the words “…leaving nothing to the imagination” offer the prospect of tit pics.
  • Articles whose headlines contain the words “…all grown up” offer borderline indecent images of minors.
  • Something faintly amusing that you saw on the internet about 8 years ago will appear in an article with the word “Hilarious” in the headline.
  • Not a day may pass without an article about one or more Kardashian – with accompanying tit pic.

The comments on articles on their website offer a glimpse into the world of the barking illiterati that infest modern Britain.

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