Jaguar E-Pace: The Workout

The Jaguar E-Pace might well be a very desirable car, you’d never be able to tell from the adverts though. Have a look at this second advert called “The Workout“. Like the first advert it’s 30 seconds long and goes like this:

0-2: Title card
3-24: Woman with bob haircut (her from the previous advert) out jogging comes to a halt. Another woman jogger (with long hair) passes her. In a bid to increase her step-count, bob-haired woman straps Fitbit device to her pet dog and gets it to run after a ball. Bob-haired woman, now wearing the step-counter, walks past the other woman and the wearable device beeps
24-27: View of the car (at last) from the front
27-30: Strapline and Jaguar logo

Presumably the fact that bob-haired woman’s step-counter beeps shows some kind of achievement.
How do we know long haired woman hadn’t already achieved or even surpassed this step count?
Are these two women in competition with each another?
Are they even known to one another?

Is the fact the car is shown for less than 15% of the advert’s run time considered a positive by the advertisers?

Once again, the advert fails to say anything at all about the car or its equipment or price.

Utter rubbish (again).

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